Paper cups for ice cream

Paper cups for ice cream are designed for manufacturers of fresh ice cream and deep-frozen ice cream. They are made of material which prevents permeability from the inner and outer side.



Usable for:icecream
Diameter:95,8 mm +/-0,3
Volume: 515 ml
Height:106,1 mm +/-0,3
Pcs. per stack/tray:35
Box per pallet:16
Pcs. per box:700
Pcs. per pallet:11.200


Usable for:icecream
Diameter:68 mm
Volume: 170 ml
Height:69,5 mm +/-0,5
Pcs. per stack/tray:62
Box per pallet:18
Pcs. per box:1.240
Pcs. per pallet:22.320

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