Public tender for maintaining or upgrading the electronic business performance in SME in the period from 2019-2022 “E-COMMERCE 2019-2022”


Within the framework of the tender E-COMMERCE 2019-2022 which is co-financed by The Republic of Slovenia and the European Union by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), in Famar LLC we received non-refundable assets to carry out the project “Digitalization of commerce to foreign markets by Famar LLC” (e-Famar). Within the framework of the project activities in the company we will establish a portal of electronic exchange between business partners, a website and an online shop for foreign markets, we will digitalise our performances at fairs, manufacture a product-priced video and strengthen our competences by the help of trainings, especially with the purpose to enlarge the company’s competitiveness.

The purpose of the operation

The purpose of the operation "Digitization of business operations in foreign markets of Famar doo" is to increase the possibility of presenting its achievements, products, services to the international business public, increasing the possibilities of business cooperation with foreign customers and business partners through co-financing the eligible costs of active participation in an international business event abroad. increase the international competitiveness of companies and increase the level of internationalization.

Studio Kramberger Ivan, Kramberger Uran Irena BrE, which within the framework of the tender, took the role of the external collaborator, has digitalised our performances at fairs and prepared and manufactured our product-selling video. They are professionals in the field of commercial video production.

Studio Tandem, advertising agency, LLC, which within the framework of the tender, took the role of the external collaborator, set up our website for foreign markets and an online shop.

Retorik, advertising, education and other services, LLC, which in the framework of the tender, took the role of the external collaborator, provided a special training for us. Company Retorik provided a special training as an all-day event with a goal to reach the interactivity of notifying the meaning of communication in all of the relations in the company, to present the cultures which affect the international business’ performance, to present new communication channels and their laws and to learn about traceability of the information which affects the company’s success.

Digitalisation of performances at fairs

Nowadays practice of presenting companies and their products at fairs claims a video presentation at the so-called virtual fairs. That is what we want at portal, which enables an easy search for potential buyers and as a showroom or a virtual fair presents an active search for suppliers. With the company‘s presented material and products, screened at this and other similar portals, we hope to gain new buyers who are interested in paper cups for warm and cold beverages.

Website for foreign markets and an online shop

Famar Company did not have a website until now and has worked only by the B2B business system and, therefore, used only personal contact and communication by telephone and e-mail. We want to expand our export, so we are aware that we need a presentational website for foreign markets. That is why we are planning to set up our website in two foreign languages: German and English language. Famar Company did not have an online store until now either but we are aware that in the current era of digitalisation it is necessary. That is why we are planning to set up an online store, which would be physically separated from the presentational website, therefore, under its own domain. It will be set up in two foreign languages, German and English, because we wish to fulfil most of our purchases in the foreign European markets.

Product-selling video

With a product-selling video we want to raise public awareness among users, buyers and potential buyers to use paper cups instead of plastic, because they are friendlier to the environment and made of renewable sources. We are convinced that the use of plastic cups for cold and warm beverages is still too common. One or two minutes long sales video will be made.

Enhancing competences - trainings

Within the framework of the education, the selected external collaborator will carry out a workshop in the field of e-communication, which we encounter in our business every day. Within the framework of our education we want to gain additional knowledge from the field of communication, which is becoming an increasingly competitive priority on the market, as well as it has an important effect on the information transfer, interpersonal relations and it consequentially increases the productivity of our employees.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The amount of the grant we received for the purpose of the operation is EUR 30,000.

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