With respect for nature!

At Famar company we have many years of experiance in the production of packaging. We produce paper cups with the addition of pe layer and bio paper cups which are 100 % degradable. Cups are designed for warm and cold beverages, ice cream and other products from dairy industry.

Tradition and a better tomorrow

With paper cups we can be ready for tomorrow today, for ourselves and the next generations.

The future is in our hands

We all want to breathe in fresh air, walk through a park or a forest, drink a glass of clear natural water and eat healthy.

Each day we produce millions of tons of waste which go to a place of no return. Finally we are aware of that. The use of environment friendly materials from renewable sources is a necessary measure for the future of our planet and our survival. The use of paper as a material is a step to a brighter future.

100% recycled

By recycling one tone of journal paper we can save a ton of wood and by recycling a ton of paper for printers even two tons of wood! In Famar we are completely aware of that.

Findings of EPA Agency show that by recycling paper, in comparison with producing new, water pollution lowers by 35 % and air pollution for even 74 %. That is why we are producing paper cups which can be entirely recycled.

Paper cups for beverages

Paper cups boast a higher value of thermal insulation compared to plastic cups, therefore, they are more pleasant to use. Mostly they are environment friendly.

Our paper cups are made of a high quality white paper which is an ideal base for a quality print. At Famar Company we manufacture cups for different buyers and in different dimensions. With the help of a design studio we develop unique cups that meet your wishes.

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Paper cups for ice cream

Tasteful ice cream can be served in a paper package which can be thrown into a separate waste collection and by this we make sure that this paper material once again takes his useful role and function in our life.

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